How to Get GDRFA Approval from Dubai.

Registration is mandatory for re-entry into Dubai.

The documents to keep in hand to complete the form are:

Passport scanned copy, Visa scanned copy, Labor card or Emirati residential card scanned copy, after then start fillup the form.

  1. Click this link after then open following page:

Applicant Search:

Search by: Left Boxed> (Keep it empty) Right Boxed> Type your ID Number.

Nationality: Left Boxed> Select your Nationality Country Name, Right Boxed> Type only your Birthday Year (No date or no month)

Click on Radio Button: (Submit) after then put (Tick mark) on “I am not a Robot”

Finally, Click Continue >>>>>>> and waiting for next page.


Applicant Information:

English Name: Left Boxed> Type your name by English same as your residence card.

Arabic Name: Right Boxed> Keep it empty

Nationality: Left Boxed> Select your Nationality from the drop-down menu.

Residencial Expiry Date: Right box > Type your card expiry date seen on your card.

After then go to the next page:


Travel Information:

Coming From: Left Boxed> Select your departure country from the drop-down menu.

Arrival Port: Right Box> Select which terminal you want to arrive from the drop-down menu.

Contact Information:

Email: Left Box> Type your email address accurately, its very important because of in this mail GDRFA sent your approval copy.

Click on Radio Button: Put (Tick mark) on “I am not a Robot” after then click Continue>>>>>>

You are now Upload a Document Page following as.


Here Upload your (1) Passport scan copy main page. (2) Visa copy the main page. (3) Residencial card both side scan copy.

After then click Continue>>>>>>

You are now Fees & Payment Page following as


Fees & Payment

Don’t worry about the payment issue, It is completely free of cost. So no need to do anything.

Just click on the “Post” button and wait.

Finally, you see the page following as:


After finishing your form fillup then you see a confirmation message following as:


Just wait for a while moment, It can approve instant or in a couple of hours. Sometimes it can take 12 to 48 hours dependent on technical issues.

Check your provided email inbox and get your GDRFA Approval copy following as:

After then confirm your ticket and travel safely.


So, Don’t worry about How to Get GDRFA Approval from Dubai. It is a very simple procedure to apply.

Do it yourself by notebook, tablet of your smartphone.

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